Poland in the TOP 3️⃣ of the highest-rated investment locations in Central and Eastern Europe – this is the result of a survey 📊📈📉 that AHK Poland, together with other chambers affiliated with the IGCC, conducted in 📅the first quarter of 2024 among foreign investors .

It assessed 2️⃣5️⃣ factors influencing the country’s investment attractiveness, grouped into five areas:

📌Economic and administrative policy,


📌Economic environment,

📌 Labour market


🎯 Invariably for years, membership of the European Union has been cited as having the greatest impact on Poland’s attractiveness as a business location.

🎯 Good communication, both in the form of the quality of communication networks and services, as well as transport and logistics, is also mentioned as one of the next most important advantages.

🎯 Thus, infrastructural factors were recognised in this year’s survey, whereas last year the quality and availability of sub-suppliers and employees were emphasised above all.

In our survey, we also ask respondents about the economic mood and outlook.

Here this year’s key facts:

👉98% of respondents say they would choose Poland again as an investment location

👉 87% of respondents assess the condition of the Polish economy as good or


👉 80% of respondents expect the turnover to grow or to stay at the same level as a year ago

same year

👉 Over 50% of respondents consider their economic situation as good

👉 30% of respondents anticipate an increase in employment and investment spending

🎙‘The results of the survey indicate a recovery of the economy after a prolonged phase of economic downturn observed throughout Europe,  and are an expression of positive business sentiment regarding economic developments in the coming months’. – Dr Lars Gutheil, General Managing Director of the German-Polish Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Poland), commented on this year’s survey.

More about the results of the survey can be found here.

1.03.2017 in the Ministry of Economic Development,
14 international, bilateral Chambers of Commerce belonging to
the International Group of Chambers of Commerce (IGCC) in Poland
presented a report and held a panel discussion on:

The Impact of Foreign Direct Investment.

Contribution to the Polish economy
in the past quarter century

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